over the weekend i hooked up my humble modular synthesizer and proceeded to create a patch that could play itself. analog oscillators create voltage waves that convert nicely to sound waves. in modular synthesis, these voltages can also be used to “trigger” other functions, such as a filter or envelope for instance.

by routing and re=routing waves of various shapes between oscillators, LFOs, envelope generators and filters, i eventually created some kind of a voltage-sound non-recurring pattern which i found sonically pleasing. i let it run in my living room for about 3 hours and went to bed.

i didn’t record (of course).

the next morning when i awoke, i turned everything on, but as it goes with analog equipment, the patch reacted differently. the disappointment lasted almost 10 excruciating seconds. i then created a few new patches and recorded them along with some video footage.

the result is 2 video recordings which i hope to put together as an audio release. i called the project DEADPATCHES because i can fall over dead in my apartment, and hopefully when my neighbors break in with the police after smelling my rotting corpse, my little modular synth will still be going at it…

listen to both tracks for the full effect you lazy fuck: