my collaboration with artist nimrod gershoni for the center for contemporary art in tel aviv resulted in an audio-visual performance piece. the piece follows the life cycle of a chocolate bar and its influence on a society undergoing thought engineering.

the performance is very reliant on the space. within the given space we create additional subdivisions. nimrod uses multiple screens to create the visual ring while i use monitor speakers to envelope the space. i used both pre-composed pieces and live sampling for most of the scenes as well as my trusty condor electric guitar [a.k.a. the cat from japan].

upon being asked to perform keeloo at the aza 13 art venue in jaffa, we decided to experiment with some unexplored channels within the realm of keeloo. the piece was further developed, with dancer and choreographer uri shafir taking the challenge of dancing to tracks that were often just read-out text with grace and much creativity. 

the result is a very immersive storytelling-type ambience that is intimate yet grants the artist space to complete the illusion. there's no direct translation of the hebrew word "keeloo", but it's one of those words that people often use to fill in the gaps when they don't know what to say yet. some translations could be: like; as if; kinda.

here is a video about keeloo

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