“entrusted” is a song i’ve been performing over the past year as part of my live set. in my mind, this track is very open-ended, with very little to grasp onto intellectually. this has proven to be crucial in my live performances as the repetition of a setlist bores me to death. all my tracks are improvised live around a morphing skeletal structure. it keeps me ignited and in search of connections.

for these reasons, creating a “studio version” of entrusted was a bit like pulling teeth. for something born purely out of the spontaneity of the stage, recording felt like setting in cement. it was a challenge and in the end, as with many processes, it was the acceptance of diversity of experience that allowed me to produce this EP.

the acceptance that the spectrum of resolution of forms in expression is endless and never repeats itself.

along with the opening single, the EP contains a quite heavily edited version by ricatelli.

i’m fortunate to have had nimrod gershoni create two hypnotic video pieces to accompany the tracks.

the entrusted EP is available from all the usual online audio outlets and from bandcamp, while the videos can be viewed on youtube.