my first release under alias "ricatelli" is now a free spirit in the digital audio domain and can be listened to/purchased at the regular online stores and streaming platforms (itunes, spotify and so forth). "an arab and a jew make sweet love" represents how i feel about human conflict and how we choose to avoid the natural path to a reality with less cruelty and division.

"we all look up for the answers."

we still operate through patriarchal thoughts - a deep sense that change must come from above. this is a very crucial mistake. the individual must take more responsibility for creating a community and progressing towards a more sustainable, equivocal, and nurturing future.

this, of course, is only my personal vision. when people choose to look up to politicians, follow the news and media, and focus mostly on their own financial goals, they are choosing to keep the status quo in place. that is their right. i can only hope that the consequences of that type of choice are understood (which i'm doubtful of) since that reality is a very dire one; a reality that i wouldn't wish upon anyone, and certainly not one that i'd happily hand over to future generations.

and we're talking about music, and art. one objective of the artist is to create something beautiful, or something that points to something beautiful. this is what i have chosen to do.

i hope you enjoy, and let others enjoy too.

ir a.k.a. "ricatelli"