"cv ensemble" was created for the sole purpose of sonic exploration without a map. the group underwent several transformations and it's still unclear as to who its members truly are. regardless of that detail (humans aren't really that important), cv ensemble was asked to perform as an opening act for allessandro cortini at the museum of art in tel aviv.

itamar weiner (spark o), harel schreiber (mule driver), and myself, got together with our modular synthesizers and some of our other more bizarre circuit boxes and headed to the museum. i took my microphone and a vocal processor as well as a copy of the tao by lao tzu.

what ensued can only be described as a ritualistic journey of improvised sound and introspection. as a vocalist, i often enjoy an intimacy with the crowd. even though the plush seats and polished parquet of the luxurious auditorium threatened to set a rather formal frame around the endeavour, i'm happy to say that the sound birthed a very real experience, human and spiritual.

thanks to ella c. mandelblat, here is a field recording of this performance...