it's high time to stop looking up. it seems we never graduate from our toddler mindset of being praised and prized for being "good", and punished for being "bad". this continues into adolescence. and while as adults we like to believe we're all responsible and self-driven, the evidence in our world - our work, our relationships, our expression - all points to the opposite.

what keeps us looking up for direction? is it a genetic tendency towards a patriarchal template? is it the early exposure to religious dogmatic values? whatever it is, it keeps us in a position to keep accepting, keep following.

this, of course, would all be fine if people were happy and kids weren't stepping on land-mines every day (yes, that happens. don't try to put it out of your mind). part of this acceptance is also the unquestioned belief that there are these major differences between us; differences based upon race, gender, religion, age, sexual preference, economic status and pretty much anything, as long as it serves to promote an increase in control over our ever-increasing masses.

fuck control. not only is the search for control limiting, it's completely irrational; and feeling comfort in the fact that others have control over us is just perverse. politics is a fucking joke and if you still can't see that, then wake the fuck up (sorry, there's no nice way of saying that). our "leaders" don't have our best interests at heart. and even those that seem that they might, waste so much time and money on publicising themselves that their efforts just can't be justified when those resources could be spent on way more pressing issues such as education, food, shelter and medicine.

the only way to create a situation where we can feel alive - really alive, not excited because we've just purchased a new piece of plastic trash - is if we take personal responsibility for how things occur in our own environments. unfortunately, the word "responsibility" has become the antithesis of anything with even a drop of sex appeal. it conjures up feelings of grayscale offices, mind-numbing routines and a level of predictability that seems to completely justify substance abuse.

my next musical article, a full-length LP under the moniker "ricatelli", will take on these matters from a different perspective than the one i'm used to. i won't be taking on the attackers. they are already weak (although i'll be back to that soon, i'm sure). with this album, i'll be attempting to strengthen the oppressed. not because i pity them (us), but because i believe that responsibility can actually be a lot of fun. that sounds a bit like an artificial "don't use drugs!" campaign aimed at high-school kids, but i'm serious yo.

imagine the feeling that day-by-day, week-by-week, our rifts and divisions are slowly crumbling away; that the tension we all hide within, created by a fabricated fear of "the others" is worn away, leaving us as humans to act freely upon our natural whims: to create, to explore, and to get down.

ir a.k.a. ricatelli