i was approached by ayala frenkel, a young choreographer with a broad and captivating performance history, to provide the sound for a new duo she had been working on. instead of working based upon video sketches of the new piece, i opted to sit in at a rehearsal where she and dancer noa shavit were working. needless to say, i was at the very next rehearsal, armed with a synthesizer and a laptop for recording.

the piece, called "2HER" is both abstract and narrative, presenting a complex sequence of thoughts and emotions between two female characters. there's a sense of feminist statement, but it's also a kind of non-statement in that the idea is of course so profoundly basic - women are people. they are multi-faceted, dynamic, and infinitely diverse. so on one hand, 2HER offers a view of how women can be violent and maybe narcissistic too, but on the other, isn't that just being human? it is, but that's not what the piece is about.

by the time i joined the project, ayala and noa had already sketched out about 30 minutes worth of movement with no soundtrack at all. this was quite hard to get my head around since i had always assumed that music was an integral part of how dancers moved forward within a piece. it was actually quite hard to start producing sound alongside the dance since i almost felt like i was just adding distraction to something that was already quite whole. in fact, the industrial fans at the rehearsal space were already producing a nice hum that provided a fitting drone for the movement, but this also helped me understand that the appropriate sound atmosphere could push the piece even further.

almost all of the composing was done live, at the studio rehearsals. i would take my inspiration from the movement; the dynamics, tension, release and so forth. the soundtrack was completed and since then the piece has further developed as the sonic elements affected the choreography and then were affected in return.

2HER premiered at the 2016 Dance Arena Festival and is supported by the Mifaal Hapais cultural fund. The piece has been performed at a number of festivals in Israel and there is talk of taking it to the international circuit in mid 2017.

watch a trailer of 2HER here.