another collab with nimrod alexander gershoni has led us to the centre for contemporary arts in tel aviv.

this is part of an art exhibition by ohad meromi called "resort". the exhibition includes a number of pieces and a play written by meromi which i found both entertaining and reflective of the orwellian bullshit that seems to only be intensifying with every month that goes by.

nimrod and i are basically just pitching up with our equipment, plugging shit in and screwing around until something amuses us. some people have walked in and tolerated our shenanigans for differing periods of time. some just use the room to check their facebook profile in the shadows of the electric light-noise. 

we'll be there a couple more times before the exhibition closes. you're welcome to stop by. treats on us...

4.12 - 10 to 14

5.12 - 10 to 14

10.12 - 14 to 19

11.12 - 10 to 14

12.12 - 10 to 14

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