i performed a continuous piece with my synths and some vocals at a small theatre down the road. it's a good place; used to be a store; clothing, or shoes maybe. now it's a very intimate performance space that seats about 20 people. they don't have beer. but they don't have a bathroom either so i guess it evens out.

my good friend and partner-in-art-crime nimrod alexander gershoni filmed the piece while another friend nir hermelin, brought on to help with the sound (thanks nir!), played around with his phone. it was an experience.

anyway, nimrod really sunk his teeth into the footage and now we have this pseudo music-performance video which is quite trippy and dark. both things we like.

you can watch it here.

the video was also reviewed by john doran in his "playlist" column in the guardian. if you don't believe me, look here. you have to scroll to the bottom because everyone knows that the best is saved 'til last. regardless of my mentioning though, it's a great column to peruse over if you're in the mood for some alt middle east.

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