awe [ep. 2015]

ian richter's debut ep entitled "awe" features three tracks that take the listener on a hypnotic journey to meet some of the curious facets of the singer-producer's outlook on the psyche, politics and the politics of the psyche.


live at hanut 31 [live album. 2015]

a recording of a live performance that took place at the hanut 31 theatre in tel aviv in july, 2015.


inventions for 3u 104hp eurorack [ep.2016]

this 3-track ep explores some of the sonic possibilities and atmospheres that can be created using a small and seemingly limited modular synthesizer system. the music comes from live recordings of patches from the modular system, created in an improvised manner, 



inventions for 3u 104hp eurorack II [ep.2017]

a continuation of exploration into the medium of modular synthesis. the limitation of a small system, and the capabilities of flexible thought. deconstructed electronic dance themes and industrial psychedelia.  


2her - sound for choreography [2016]

this album consists of 6 tracks that form the sonic component in choreographer ayala frenkel's duet piece entitled "2her". the music was created as part of an artistic exchange between composer and dancer so that instead of acting as a passive decoration for the movement, it would play an active role in affecting it.


Liminal [single. 2018]

lim·i·nal (lĭm′ə-nəl) 
Intermediate between two states, conditions, or regions; transitional or indeterminate: "While doctors operate, she hangs suspended in the liminal space between life and death" (Jeremy Eichler).



"Keep your friends real close and your enemies cozy" - Ricatelli.